What's colorful, aromatic and feels good all over? Soap, naturally.

What's colorful, aromatic and feels good all over? Soap, naturally.

Natural Farm Soap Co. uses simple ingredients that are gentle on the skin. Find it in Lee's Summit, Mo.

By Allison Gibeson
Lee's Summit Go

The market for homemade soap is growing in Lee’s Summit .

Lee’s Summit consumers staying at The Browning, enjoying salon services at Salon Metric or browsing products at A Thyme For Everything have likely noticed the soap available at those businesses isn’t of the commercially manufactured variety. The soap there is handmade, and each bar is unique.

Janet Stevens makes this soap locally as a part of her business, Natural Farm Soap Co. With increased consumer interest in natural products of all varieties, Stevens is helping meet the demand for natural soap in Lee’s Summit.

You can pronounce every ingredient that goes into handmade soap. What we put on the outside of our bodies is just as important as what goes inside.
— Janet Stevens, Natural Farm Soap Co.

Stevens said commercially-produced soap is manufactured with chemicals and low-quality ingredients. As a result, the product is actually closer to a detergent than a soap and takes the oil out of your skin. Alternatively, her soaps are made with recognizable ingredients such as coconut, rice bran, olive and palm. She said this makes the soaps gentler on skin and more moisturizing. 

She also makes products helpful for those with skin concerns such as allergies or eczema and has customers who have tried just about everything to clear up their skin from various issues. They often find relief in natural soaps.

Cindy Blackemore is one of Janet’s customers. She enjoys the variety of fragrances (including citrus and chocolate), the soaps’ longevity and skin-friendliness.

“Soap-making is combination of science and imagination that challenges your mind and gives you the ability to make each batch of soap unique,” Stevens said. “I've never thought of myself as a creative person, but there's something about soap-making that brings out this creative element in me. 

“I love the thrill that comes from cutting into a newly made batch of soap to discover what's inside and the satisfaction of making beautiful creations that help so many people.”

Stevens runs her business out of her home, and her products include bath bombs, handmade soaps, laundry soap, specialty soaps, lip balm and dishwashing tablets. 

“My goal is to make products affordable and good quality,” she said.

Stevens is also a regular at the Downtown Lee’s Summit Farmer’s Market, craft shows around the metro and events such as Lee’s Summit Downtown Days. Products can also be ordered from her website

Stevens offers soap-making demonstrations and recently did one at A Thyme for Everything.  

She said the design of the soaps often attracts customers to the soaps, but customers come back because of how the products make them feel.

“Janet's products smell incredible, and their unique design and her attention to detail in all her products frequently wow my guests,” said Liesl Hays, owner of The Browning. “We know the ingredients in Janet's products, and we use them in our family as well because of her commitment to high-quality natural ingredients.”

Natural Farm Soap Co.



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